I am not a disgruntled whistle-blowing bean-spilling Google Search Engineer, nor am I a nerdy Tech reporter with a lust for the expose even. I’m just a guy that spends a baker’s dozen hours every day on the Intwarwebz, a good half of them using Google to research subjects, find relevant images, or just plain amuse myself.

That’s a lot of time Googling, and the cumulative result is that I’ve gotten pretty handy with the Google Tricks. I know operators like the back of my hand. I can convert units and and get stock prices and show times and weather all from the same potent and ever-springing font. That’s right. You guessed it: Google!

So thanks Google! You’ve made my life easier. In return, I’d like to make others’ lives easier by sharing some of the Google Tricks I’ve learned. Hence this site. Bone appetite.

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    Tanvir lone


    I cann’t search any page

    • Chris Arlington

      Christoph Arlington


      Fixed. And thanks for the heads up!


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